Corporate Recruitment

Corporate Recruitment

AARTD?works with clients to provide a high level of service and professionalism to realise the appointment of the ideal candidate for the position.

For each client,?AARTD?ensures an agreed and confidential search process is established:

  • Defining the Job and the nature of the candidate: We determine specific details on the job, its scope and role in the company’s development and the overall type of candidate clients are looking for.
  • Conducting the search: AARTD will conduct all searches directly with candidates for each position nominated by clients.
  • Shortlist candidates: AARTD will then screen candidates to present a short-list to clients for their consideration via a written report outlining their credentials and our observations for each. Selected candidates will then proceed to interview at agreed times with our client.
  • Negotiating a compensation package: If required, once a candidate has been selected, using AARTD’s knowledge of the market, we can assist in negotiating an agreeable compensation package that is acceptable to both parties.
  • Follow-up:?AARTD believe that our job is not complete once the appointment is made. We will maintain contact with you throughout the agreed probationary period to ensure a smooth induction occurs.

We aim to satisfy your requirements and present the most suitable candidates.

For more information contact?AARTD Consultants.

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