AARTD?understands Agribusiness. Its founders have well over 30 years experience in multiple continents and have accumulated extensive industry knowledge encompassing:

  • Agricultural markets, structure and cultural differences
  • Political, regulatory , legal and social requirements
  • Market entry and start-up agribusiness
  • Segments across Agribusiness such as Animal Feed, Animal Health, Agricultural Chemicals, Crops,?Manufacturing,?Livestock Genetics, Livestock Production & Processing.
  • Functional requirements such as sales, marketing, technical, financial, production, logistics, general and regional management
  • All species involved in Agribusiness including pigs, poultry, cattle, sheep and Aquaculture.

Michael Boddington

Michael Boddington AARTD DirectorMichael Boddington has twenty five years of Agribusiness experience in Asia Pacific Region. He graduated from Roseworthy Agricultural College in 1987 with a Bachelor degree in Science in Agriculture and has a Master degree in Business Administration from the University of New England.

Since 1988 Michael has been highly engaged in the intensive livestock industry. His career began at PIC, the world’s largest swine genetics company in Australia, and expanded into the Philippines and China. In 2000 Michael joined Alltech to lead their China and East Asia businesses.

In 2007 Michael founded Asian Agribusiness Recruitment, Training and Development (AARTD) a specialist recruitment firm that is focused on identifying and securing talent for Agribusinesses in Asia. Michael’s experience in agribusiness coupled with his understanding of the challenges involved in identifying and retaining talent across Asia has enabled AARTD to fulfil their commitment to our clients and candidates.

–?[email protected]
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