Premix Technical Service (ID:1979)
17 Jun 2020

Premix Technical Service (ID:1979)


Ch?n ngành ngh?

V? trí



◆ Animal husbandry and veterinary, animal nutrition or related professional, technical secondary school or above;

◆ At least 5 years working experience in poultry technical service;

◆ Can adapt long-term business travel, is committed to the long-term development of the animal husbandry;

◆ Good interpersonal skills and ability to learn


◆ Cooperate with salesman to provide technical services to customers’ farms (guiding farm production and management, provide value solution;
◆ To feed sales customers to provide technical support and conference support;
◆ The key customer regularly or irregularly onsite service;
◆ The farm production personnel and the salesman for regular professional training and guidance (breeding management, disease control and prevention, etc.;
◆ Establish good relationship with customers and trust.

Báo Cáo ??n

Required Language(s)

Làm th? nào ?? n?p ??n

If you interested in this position please contact me by [email protected] or +86 18310319250.

398 T?ng s? l?n danh sách t? ch?n, 2 ngày nay.

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